Web Hosting Services, What to Consider? Why to Consider?

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To make your website accessible to anyone at any time you need to host it on the web with the help of a web host. Simply, your website needs a web server provided by a web hosting company. This way you’ll make easy for your visitors to search & find your site by name on Google, and you will also need a domain name that is used in the URL and has a suffix called as domain extension (.com, .net, .edu, .org, .gov). Most of Indian hosting companies & other hosting brands offer different services including:

  • Domain name
  • Web-hosting
  • Business email account

What Will You Get With Web Hosting Services?

For those companies just starting out their website, it is important getting an idea to get your domain and hosting on a single package, for that you can contact to a hosting company. Also, you can contact many host companies at a time may be an Indian web host or foreign web host company, and never ignore comparing between their deals to select the best one that fits your needs. You may also ask for many advantages such as the business email addresses, domain name services, choice of domain extension, and so on.

What to Consider Prior Designing your Website?

Apart from deciding on web hosting services, when you design a website you have to take care of some basic things such as using basic tools to install a new app, etc. There are two types of websites:

Static Sites

These are sites where you can build using DreamWeaver software you can create more than one or more HTML pages. Next, you need to upload the web pages to your host’s server using FTP software like FileZilla for example. Whenever you want to make any change on your site, you will have to edit the pages and upload them again to the server. The reason why these sites are called as a “static site” is that they can’t change itself, and always need manual changes.

Dynamic Sites

These sites can be created using a piece of software (web application) instead of uploading HTML pages on your web server. In addition, this software allows you make as many changes as possible like content editing, adding text, pictures & videos, and all that you can do at any time without the need for any special tools on your system. Some of the examples of popular software include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and plenty more.

Choosing CDN for your Website, Is it a Good Idea?

Using a CDN (Content Distribution Network) is the reliable way to improve your website performance because you can easily see & analyze the biggest problems in your website performance by having a look at a waterfall graph of your website. The waterfall graph shows different factors through the color codes:

  • Blue line indicates the main PHP/HTML file
  • Green lines indicates CSS files
  • Yellow lines show Javascript files
  • Purple lines are for images

Final Words

So, the success of your website highly depends on the hosting platform you choose, but you’ve to consider your website design & type in order to make your site perform well in the web space. Hope all the provided points will help you in picking up the best hosting provider according to your preference. However, there are certainly other factors to analyze from top to down that also need to be considered with the prime consideration.

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