VPS Server: Why Should You Go For It?

VPS Server hosting

You have launched a website a few months back and it has become successful in no time. You may be getting thousands of visitors and your sales have been increasing by the day. Now you want to extend the site and want to launch a marketing campaign to get even more traffic. But now your shared hosting package may not be enough.


VPS hosting is the solution

Yes, it is the right upgrade from the shared hosting plan. A virtual private server is created from the single physical server. Each virtual server has its own operating system and it gives you the freedom to install the apps of choice. The performance of the server will not be affected by the activities of other users in the physical server. Here are some key reasons to go for it:


Reason-1: Growth at low prices

If you are a growing business you will have to make sure that your IT spending is cost-effective. With a VPS server, you will not be spending as much as a dedicated server but will get more resources as needed to sustain your growing business.


Reason-2: Run the applications you need

VPS gives you complete control over the computing environment. Every VPS server has its own environment which is independent of other servers in the same physical machine. With some hosting providers, you can get the freedom to choose the operating system you want. You should also configure your server to make sure that it meets your website needs.


Reason-3:  High availability servers which don’t go down

Although all the virtual servers are hosted on the same physical server, a VPS server is virtual. It means that it has no physical component of its own. If the physical server on which it is hosted goes down, the VPS is backed as a server image. It can be instantly booted on another physical server which means that your applications are always online. It is ideal for business with critical business which needs to be online round the clock.


Reason-4: No effect of neighbors

When you are on the shared hosting package, the heavy performance by one site can down the performance of all others. If one user runs a resource intensive application or has a lot of traffic, then there are hardly few resources for others to use. It means your website may load slowly or there are applications which will get stalled. With VPS although the physical server is shared every individual VPS is allocated dedicated resources which can’t be drained by the activities of the neighbor. So the bandwidth, the CPU, memory, and the storage are guaranteed.


Reason-5:  More Security

VPS hosting is more secure than the shared hosting so if you need more reliable hosting for your growing business, VPS server is the way forward.


In The End

These reasons are good enough to prefer VPS server to meet the growing demands of your business. So if you want to grow your website without any future tensions then VPS is the way ahead.

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