SEO Best Practices 2018 and Role of Domain Names

SEO Best Practices 2018 and Domain Names

Online marketing is no less than an archaeological research theory where experts dig the earth using different processes &  techniques to discover what’s inside it. When you read this, you might have said, “but what does this research has to do with online marketing?”

Well, you’ll be surprised to know that the way archaeological experts handle the process that is quite similar to the way one must handle online marketing or SEO. Let’s start with the role of the researcher that is the person who plans the course of action, checks the complete reports and consults with the crew members. So, here the researcher is the leader and takes the necessary decisions to take the process in the right direction. In online marketing, you also have to be a leader that plan a proper campaign and consult with other experts in the similar field to eventually take the necessary decisions to reach the main business objectives.

In a similar way, you must know about SEO best practices for successful online marketing. This is the most important factor for internet marketers who want to be successful online and for whom internet marketing process makes a big difference.

Remember – There’s No Short Cut to Success

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the combination of tips and tricks used to promote a website. It might be possible that tricks that you’ve used last year not work well this year, so if you’re in the mid of the same old SEO tactics, it’s the time to reevaluate and try something new, especially for the domain name. Choosing a right domain name will impact a website’s success in almost every sphere, including search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM). There are basic things that one must know about the web domain names as there is no short cut to success, not even in the web space.

Domain Names

Web domain is like an address on the internet that allows Internet browsers to locate your particular website. It may have your business name, company product, service or relevant words associated with your website.

Domain (DNS) Hierarchy

Root-Level Domain

In the domain name hierarchy a root-level domain is at the top followed by top-level domain, and finally subdomains. These are denoted in the form a single (.) dot, have a look at the example:

  • .edu, .biz, .org, .name, .net (All the dots here represents a Root Domain)
  • Some more examples of Root Domain are here:
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *

 Top-Level Domain

The top-level domain is a label that comes at the right end of the domain name just after the dot. There are two types of top-level domains, generic and country code:

  • Generic Top-Level Domains (TLDs or gTLDs): Used by the internet users, e.g. – .biz, .com, .edu, .gov, .info, .mil, and .org.
  • Country Code Top-level Domains (ccTLDs): It’s a two letter domains which correspond to a country, or other geographic location, e.g. – .uk, .de, .jp, .us.


A subdomain is a “third level” range of domain name that is the part of a top-level domain. The examples of subdomains are – “” and “” are both subdomains of the “” root domain. The subdomains can be created for free under any root domain that a webmaster controls.

The two most common subdomain choices are:

  • (www is the subdomain)
  • (has no subdomain)

Domain with Keywords vs. Branded Domain

Sometimes business owners just want to have a domain name that matches with targeted keyword(s) that do offer some benefits, but there is a something more about this factor you should consider. It is the brand ability of the domain because your brand is the foundation of your business. Even, Google algorithm gives priority to domains that will help users to find, remember, and identify a website in an easy way. It is a myth that domain with keywords and links are more reliable, as most web marketers still believe that SEO is about keyword stuffing. But, in reality Google likes brands. Here are tips for choosing a branded domain:

Many factors define a branded domain name; have a look at the points:

  • It’s easy to remember
  • Short and memorable
  • Provides you a way to put your brand in front of your customers
  • Maintains brand consistency
  • Looks less spammy in comparison to keyword-rich URLs
  • Looks more professional
  • Attract more loyal visitors & readers
  • Domains with a .com extension is preferable over others like .org, .net, .uk etc.

Do You Want a Great Domain?

To select a right domain name or it’s better to say a branded domain name can be really tough, especially with the soaring demand of branded domains. But, it is quite obvious because most of them are already registered, and would be highly expensive to purchase for a small business. If you’re a business organization, you must discuss with your marketing team to develop a few ideas to brainstorm possible domain names. Here are some ideas to help you in choosing a branded domain name:

Create Something New with Existing Words

The domains created using simple words, or existing words do very well in the digital space. The best example of such domain is that was created using existing words. You can use an online dictionary to find new words that may not come to your mind.

Try your Hands on New Words

Many websites have created domains using new words that were so unclear and only a few people knew them. Here are the examples, or You can also try a combination of two or more words or morphemes to create a new meaningful word just like Groupon or Pinterest.

While all these strategies can be very helpful in finding relevant domains, and from the provided details, there is definitely a shift away from these keywords rich domains. As now Google has become more specific at search queries those are analyzed in terms of user intent.

Now, What Do You Think?

So, instead of focusing on performing keyword researching, you must buy branded domains. There is no such a precise formula to find a branded domain. However, there are certain principles based on the above points that you can follow to get a perfect domain. The basic idea is that you can look for anticipated benefits and features that seem to be well in sync with recent domain selection. At this moment, you have the option to go for very high-quality domains that are not just valuable, also fulfill your business requirements.

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