Searching for Best WordPress Hosting? Look for These Features!

best WordPress hosting

Are you looking to host your website? WordPress is a very popular software platform which powers more than a quarter of all the sites that are hosted on the internet. But if you are looking for best WordPress hosting then there are many things that you should pay attention to:

Number of Domains

It depends on the number of websites that you want to host. Most hosting providers offer many plans to cater to your hosting needs. You can choose from a plan that hosts one site and then there are plans that are capable of hosting unlimited sites.

File Storage Space

The hosting plan that you are evaluating should also offer sufficient storage space so that all the website files can be stored in it without much challenge. If your website has large media files then it becomes all the more important to choose a hosting plan that offers large storage space.

Transfer Bandwidth

Why do you need transfer bandwidth? When a visitor comes to your site and accesses various files then data transfer happens between the server and visitor. For instance, such a visitor consumes ‘X’ Mb of data. If you are expecting ‘Y’ number of visitors in a month then transfer bandwidth should be more than ‘X*Y’ Mb.

SSL Certificate

Why do you need an SSL certificate? There are many strong reasons to have it:

  • If you are planning to have online financial transactions on the site, then it is very important to have ample security measures to make sure that information which is being transferred remains safe from the hackers. When you implement SSL certificate on your site, it makes sure that all the information that is being transferred is safe.
  • Try searching for anything on Google and on the very first page you will find that all the sites that are there are ‘HTTPS’. Yes, Google gives priority to those sites in its results page that are trusted. In chrome, you will find a lock appearing on the address bar which on ‘left-click’ shows that the connection is secure. It means that all the information that is being sent over the servers is encrypted.


Well, the choice of location is entirely yours. But do you know how this choice may affect:

  • There are some countries which make it mandatory to have all the data located within its borders. You might find this out and it worth the effort. You will surely not want to repent your decisions later on!
  • If your web server is far off from your visitors, then there may be some latency in the data transfer from the server to the visitor. It means that location choice may affect the page load speed. Thus, you need to pay special attention to the choice of the location.

Domain Services

It is crucial to find out whether the hosting that you are evaluating offers distributed DNS infrastructure with unlimited sub-domains and email accounts. It ensures that the domain name server is always live.

Email Services

While most hosting providers offer free email accounts but only a select few offer email services. It allows you to access your emails from any device with state-of-the-art webmail.

Tech Support

Can you even imagine best WordPress hosting sans good technical support? The best hosting should come with hassle free local support which is available round the clock over the email, phone and chat as well.

In the End

Your search for best WordPress hosting is incomplete without these features so you should take a note of them!

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