Project Management App: How it is Helping Businesses In 2018

project management app

Few years ago, managing projects from a remote distance was like a ‘hard nut to crack’ for managers. But it being a necessary part of businesses, they had to manage. If you are a business owner, you might know the value of project management.

According to a study, 80% of executive leaders understand the value of project management. And yet, almost 10% of the money that enterprises spend in projects eventually goes in vain as a result of poor project performance.  The commonly cited reason for failure is an attainable aim, which makes it impossible to track progress.

How can business overcome this problem? The answer is ‘by choosing the right project management apps.’

It is a great tool to start.

Let’s take a look at three major takeaways from the study and review some potential solutions to address each of them.

Easy access

One of the most serious challenges is when few team members are scattered all over the world and they cannot access the project plan. In that case, a project management app enables them to access an updated version of the plan from whatever time zone they live in. they can collaborate with their team and discuss the project plan in details.

Collaborate on Projects

Completing a project within deadline is a must, isn’t it? The project management app enables you to assign individual tasks of a larger project to different teams according to their expertise. And through the apps, all different teams are able to collaborate and work on the same project. The app gives them option to interact on projects by sharing timelines, documents, and status updates.

Stay on Schedule

By using the project management app, you are able to add a start and expected completion date to tasks and projects. He or she can include tasks to the system so that every team member can see what tasks he/she has been assigned by their manager. The update information alerts employees to upcoming deadlines, and thus help them manage their time appropriately to complete tasks before or on the listed due date.

Track Progress

On top of the benefits, as the head of the business or project, you can monitor or track the progress of the project. You will know what’s has been completed and what is pending. You can track who has completed his part and who are still working. You can ask employee or an individual of the team to give update with the project manager and team members.

Thus, project management apps are as important as the employee working on the project. Apart from the above benefits, the apps also enable clients to go their feedback, suggest for editing or reviewing the progress. Because, businesses need to be connected to clients and vendors and project management app is a must.

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