Looking To Buy a Tent? Make The Best Use Of These Tips!

canvas tents

Are you planning to buy a tent?  There are many things that you need to consider, here are some tips that you should make the best use to make sure you have bought the best canvas tents. You need to understand that a wrong tent can prove costly and may convert your camping trip into a nightmare.

How big should it be?

First, you need to ascertain how big the content is going to be. If a tent is meant for six, it is not necessary that it will be able to sleep all of them. It may be possible that it is suitable for only four of them or maybe three will be able to sleep with their luggage in it.  You need to think what kind of space you will need inside the tent and what do you want to be stored in it. Do you need to think what kind of space you will need in that tent? And what do you want to keep yourself within the tent?  You also need to think about the height of the adult that is going to sleep in it. If you all are tall, then you need to understand how high the tent should be clearly? With tents, size matters and you need to figure out how are you going to fit in it?

Where do you want to use the tent?

Tents should be kept in mind their usage in different environments. If you are out camping then in summers, then the tent has to be of a light-weight material, and it should have a lot of ventilation.  Such tents are not usually designed for harsh conditions. If you go with a 3-season tent, it is more likely to survive rain and wind. It should also protect from cold and wind. However, if you plan to camps in the winter season, then you need a tent that works well in snow and can be made air-proof when you are inside.

For those who are fair weather camper (then you will want to camp when it is calm and sunny), you don’t need an expensive tent. But what if the weather changes suddenly? In such cases, you will need to think about the tent and how it should go when there is a storm. You can’t rely on cheap tents.

Is it easy to use?

The tent you are planning to purchase should be easy to use. If it requires quite a few people, then you need to consider this factor as well when evaluating them. You will surely not want to buy a tent that takes too long to set-up.

What material is it made of?

You need to pay attention to the tent material as well as it may affect your choice. Canvas tents are water-proof, but they become very heavy when the water is absorbed. But they offer a unique advantage; they don’t deteriorate like the nylon. Then there are nylon and polyester tents, who are water-proof and but they degrade over time.  You have to make sure that the tent is water-proof, and then you will have to pay attention to the tent poles as well.  The steel ones are better. The zips of the tents have to be very strong if you are buying a tent to be used in winter.

Few Other Things…

You also need to pay attention to weight, its ventilation, the flooring, and the price.  They all are important, and you should consider paying close attention to them.


Whether you are evaluating canvas tents or some other types, you need to make a close assessment of the tent.

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