Is MPLS A Good Way To Connect To Cloud?

Mpls network infrastructure

The connectivity is based on speed and the flow of traffic.  If you want to enhance connectivity, you will have to maximize speed and the traffic to meet the demands of your company. It is where MPLS helps.  The primary reason behind the use of the MPLS network is to speed up and shape the network traffic flow.  With the use of MPLS, the packet’s data can be forwarded through the switching level also known as level-2. The various data packets are labeled by the router, and these labels determine the path of the packet.  A key advantage of using MPLS is the ability to create VPN.

What is a VPN?

More and more businesses using virtual private networks to add more security to an existing network. It creates an encrypted connection over an extended and less secure network. When you can’t have a private network server, then a VPN ensures security to businesses. In a remote access VPN, the client can access the organization network. In the site to site VPNs, a gateway device is used to connect the network of one location with the network of other location. They are used by the small branches to connect with their data centers.

What Are Various Connectivity Advantages Of Using MPLS With VPN?

Numerous companies are moving to the VPN model of service owing to many factors. Here are some top advantages of using MPLS network infrastructure:

Ease of Connectivity

Numerous voice and video applications use what is called an any-to-any connection. The MPLS enhances the traffic flow in these connections by allowing for interconnection of many sites at one go.

Outsourcing the Routing Needs

In an MPLS setup, the provider handles the routing of the network. It eliminates the burden of the routing control on your company and makes the MPLS operationally simpler than the traditionally routed networks. The removal of the routing burden on the network of the company reduces the strains and improves the connectivity.

The Quality of the Support Is Already Built-In

With the help of MPLS, the companies can customize the SLAs to outline the support that is needed.  It includes latency and the packet loss for each data type. It allows the MPLS system to predetermine which packets take the priority and which one to deliver the first.

MPLS Is a Great Way to Connect To the Cloud

It is because it offers improved levels of the connectivity and the private network characteristics and also makes sure that the critical data is safe over the internet. The reliability and performance of the network are enhanced drastically.  There are many reasons why the MPLS VPN is a great way to connect to the cloud while securing the connections. Some key reasons to benefit your enterprise are:

MPLS improves the performance manifold

There are numerous applications which get shifted to the cloud. It may include enterprise applications such as sales force automation and enterprise resource planning. If you want to give priority to certain types of traffic for certain applications, then it is possible with the help of MPLS.  It allows this to happen with the help of a concept known as the class of service. It gives you the authority to send the data that you think is critical before the others. The CEO’s performance will take priority over the employee’s large file transfer. It means that you get a high level of performance in the organization.

MPLS is reliable and secure

Your data is secure and reliable as the MPLS is carried over the carrier network.  Your data is not transferred across multiple networks like the internet. When you compare the Internet protocol security, the level of network security is higher. With MPLS your customers are also assured that the information is safe in the private virtual network.

It Offers Recovery from Disasters

With the help of MPLS, the disaster recovery model is improved in many ways.  You can connect the key sites and the data centers to the cloud which in turn connect to the other key sites on the network.  The remote sites can be quickly connected to the backup locations, and it can boost flexibility if you want to expand the applications to the cloud.

MPLS brings in a lot of savings

You can customize the applications and also configure the network based on the business requirement. It significantly reduces the cost by many percentage points when compared to the other services.

In the End

MPLS owing to its reliability and security is a great way to connect to the cloud. When you go for MPLS, you are making sure that you are getting the best network performance.

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