HTTPS: Details, Getting One and Benefits!

SSL certificate

You would have seen that many sites have HTTPS. Ever wondered what this ‘S’ stands for? Well if you don’t the time is now.

So what is HTTPS?

It is a way to encrypt the information that is exchanged between the browser and the web server. It makes sure that a hacker is not able to steal the information that is being sent to the site like credit card information and the log-in.  Earlier only those sites who were taking important customer data going for HTTPS, but these days more and more sites are making a switch.  Secure connections have become a norm these days.

How Do You Get One?

When you for SSL certificate, you get a file which is added to the server to get an encrypted connection between the browser and the server. There are many different kinds of certificates mainly differentiated by the way they are validated. For instance, the Comodo SSL certificate comes with following features:

  • Domain Validation
  • Meant for one domain
  • You can get free additional server licenses
  • Offer encryption up-to 256 bit
  • Compatible with all the browsers

What are the key benefits of having an HTTPS site?

Well if you are wondering what the main benefits of spending money on SSL certificates are, here are the most important ones:

Better Google Rank

That is the prize of making your site more secure for the customers. According to research, more than 40 percent sites on the first page of the Google are secure sites. In fact, Google has maintained that it is favoring those sites which are HTTPS.  And there are no guesses about it. Will the best search engine in the world present insecure websites to its customers on the very first page? Surely not! It is why their ranking algorithm favors HTTPS sites. What does this mean to your site? Well, you may lose rankings to an HTTPS site if you have a non-secure site.

Enhanced Security

If Google favors HTTPS, there is a strong reason for it!  The search engine wants to deliver the best results to its users. And that is why Google has added the criteria to make sure that the users get a better experience. Keeping things safe is more secure and is a better option for everyone.

Browser Labels (Secure/Not Secure)

Just search for anything on the Google, and you will find that all the sites that are listed on the first few pages are all HTTPS.  The search engine, in its efforts to make the web a safe place has updated it labeling in the Chrome’s URL bar.

  • Not Secure: HTTP
  • Secure: HTTPS

More Trust and Better Conversions

As online commerce is increasing by the day, more and more consumers are looking for a secure connection. And when you have one on your site, you win the trust of the customers which leads to more conversions.

In The End

With an SSL certificate, your site is more secure and reliable for the visitors. You will get not just get better ranks but will be trusted by the customers as well.

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