How To Find The Right EB-5 Immigration Attorney?

EB-5 Investors Attorney

You would have come across many articles which explain what the EB-5 visas are and what steps the investors interested in investing should take. But have you ever come across any post which describes how complicated preparing and EB-5 petition could be? A single wrong move can make it very difficult for the EB-5 investor to get the visa. Which are the key factors that will ensure that an immigration attorney is the best? This article will shed light on these factors:


Understanding of Business and the Immigration Laws

The EB-5 lawyer whom you are planning to hire should guide you through the immigration process. The EB-5 visas are very different from another type of visas.  It is because the documents which are needed to satisfy the rules for an EB-5 visa also interact with the investment rules that are set forth by the Securities Exchange Commission. A skilled immigration attorney understands that the focus of the representation is to guide the EB-5 investor on how to prepare for an EB-5 visa. He should also advise you about which EB-5 project to invest in or which regional center has the track record and will generate a return on the investment are best left to the qualified and the registered investment advisor. An EB-5 investors attorney who is skilled should have a good grasp on the business concepts as it is applied in the field of immigration.


Has Experience in Preparing the EB-5 Visas

An EB-5 immigration attorney who focuses on EB-5 clientele or who has filed multiple visas on a weekly or monthly basis during his existence in the business will have more knowledge about the trends with how USCIS is reviewing the EB-5 petitions. He has more experience about the issues which have been consistently raised in the requests for added documentation and how to prepare a successful EB-5 petition to get an approval in the very first round. The immigration attorney who manages different aspects of the immigration law and occasionally prepares an EB-5 petition will not have as much expertise as the one who has all the experience. It is always better to ask how many such petitions have the prospect immigration attorney has prepared in the past year, months or regularly. You need to ask what has been the success rate in the past.


Whether to Invest Directly or Through the Regional Center

You may be interested in directly investing in a company or will you prefer the regional center instead? Whether EB-5 attorney has the expertise in either of these areas, you need to find out.  Your EB-5 attorney will have to prepare different petitions for direct investment, and there will be a different petition for the regional center investment.


In the End

When you are looking for an EB-5 investors attorney, you need to keep these things in mind, and you will find the best one working for you!

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