E-Mountain Bike: Is It Different Than Normal One?

Electric Mountain Bike in UK

These bikes have gained in popularity and they are fast becoming normal to see the riders pedaling them to the office or to open areas. But do you know what a mountain bike is all about? Here are some key things that you should know:

Why Do You Need An E-Mountain Bike?

Because you need to add more power to better climbing over the mountains. You want smooth rides and want to reach out to mountain tops and faraway valleys. There are just too many reasons to why you may need an Electric Mountain Bike UK.

How Are They Different from A Normal One?

It is the drivetrain; there are some manufacturers who have come up with a specific drivetrain to better cope with an increased strain that is put through the chain and drive. These bikes have cleaner gear shifts to avoid difficulties in shifting gears. Then mountain bikes also score well when it comes to tires. In normal bikes, you could find single ply tires but these are simply not good for e-mountain bikes while going downhill. They need wider tires and rim combo are highly recommended. Then they have strong brakes which are again a great idea if you live in an area which has long descents for ample stopping power.

Are They Heavier Than Normal Bikes?

The weight of the bike does not matter much. But if you compare the normal bikes to an e-mountain bike, they are heavy. It is due to the motor and the battery which is heavy as well. But when you start pedaling the bike, you will hardly notice them. Most models of the e-mountain bikes are around 21-23 kg mark. If you come across a bike which is heavier than 25kg, then such a bike can start to feel heavy.

How Long Does It Take to Charge One?

These bikes run from lithium-ion batteries which are of 550 Wh, but you can easily find bikes with higher capacities. While it hardly costs anything to charge the bike fully, the charging time can vary. While the initial charging happens quickly, but charging the entire battery is somewhat expensive. But if you are on a short ride, charging the battery will hardly take any time.

Where Can You Ride This Bike?

As the name suggests that are mountain bikes so you can take them to just anywhere in the hilly areas. However, there are speed limitations on the e-bikes that vary from one country to the other. Typically, the range is from 20-30kmph. You will have to check in your country the limitation on the speed limits.

What Is the Range of Such Bikes?

In full charge, you can get a one-and-half hour or more of charging or 1000m of climbing. But these figures too vary from one bike to the other.

In the End

These are a few things that you need to know before buying an electric mountain bike in the UK. However, do pay attention to the details before you decide on anyone.

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