6 Tips To Make Your Email Marketing More Effective?


The inbox of your customer is receiving more emails than ever, and the cut-throat competition is seeking the attention of the recipient is making things more challenging. But email marketing is still the most preferred way to business communication. Whether you are going to avail email marketing services or doing it on your following strategies are going to be helpful for you.

Avoid Using Recipient’s Name in Early Stages

When you have just started to send an email, it is advisable not to use the names in the first place. Only when a certain level of relationship is there, you can start using the names of the recipients. When you use someone’s name in the emails, it shows greater care and knowledge of the recipient’s history of relationships.

Carefully Chosen Subject Lines

When you are going to choose the subject lines, there is one mistake which must be avoided, and that is a subject line of 60-70 characters. According to online research, the subject-line of this length doesn’t have any effect on open rate or click through. The same study suggested the readers can open that subject lines above 70 characters. In fact, the short subject lines which were lesser than ten characters have a very high open rate. To make things simple if you want to boost clicks (response) go for long click through and keep them short for opens.

Send Your Emails At The Right Time

While the regular working hours are 9-to-5, the top strategy is to send the email at night. In fact, the best time to send emails is when very few others are sending so that when your email reaches the inbox of the recipient, it competes with fewer emails in getting open.

Give Something For Free

Every customer likes to get something for free. Whether it is an e-book or a tool or expert interviews, collage or something else, you need to find out what your customers may like to get for free.

Make Your Campaign Mobile Friendly

There are more mobile phones in the world than the desktops or laptops. A large number of businesses have equipped their workforce with smartphones, and that’s why you can’t afford to lose on this traffic channel. Your email design should be responsive to ensure that it looks good on any device. Some tips which you can make use are:

  • One column email template is an easy design for smartphones so use them.
  • Ensure that your email is readable
  • All CTAs should be easy to tap.
  • Most of the smartphone users tap and scroll using their thumb or the index finger, so it is advisable to keep the tappable elements in the mid of the screen.

Emails Are Still the Preferred Mode Of Communication

Businesses around the world are still using the email as a preferred medium of communications whether internal or external. So while having a Facebook post is good, but it can’t replace the email.

Thus whether you are going for email marketing services, or planning to do the email marketing on your own, these strategies are going to help you.

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