6 Tips to Choose WordPress Hosting!

best WordPress web hosting

Are you planning for a WordPress site? Picking best WordPress web hosting is one of the crucial decisions that you are going to make when you create a new website.  You can choose from a shared hosting normal traffic to dedicated hosting that can accommodate ever very high traffic.

How Hosting Choice Matters?

The features, practices and the capacity limits that are there with each hosting option affect the performance. It also affects the availability, performance and the security of the site. Let’s get into some details:

1. The Processing Power

You should first pay attention to the processing power that is there. When you are with shared hosting, various computing resources are shared with all the websites that are hosted in the server, and you should know it beforehand how much of it is available for use. When CPU power is ample, your site is better prepared to handle any traffic.

2. Loading the Site files with SSH or FTP

To manage the WordPress site, you will need the ability to upload and change the files on the WordPress hosting account or the web server. It is crucial that you use a secure connection which you can accomplish with by making use of the SSH or the sFTP when you connect to it. Your hosting provider should support the secure access that you need. The main difference between SSH/sFTP to the plain old FTP is that you are opened to the significant security risk.  SSH or sFTP make use of encryption while others not!

3. Encryption Tech

It is suggested that you should use HTTPS site only. TLS (earlier SSL) is the encryption technology which is used to provide encrypted communication between your website visitors and the WordPress server. You might have something extra for this, but it is worth paying the money. Once you have purchased the certificate and have installed the same, you can identify those pages with the “S” sign at the end of the HTTP.

4. Dedicated IP

If you go for a shared web hosting for WordPress, it involves the sharing of IP as well. It has no bearing on the speed of the sire or the SEO rankings as well. But there is a chance that if one of the IP address neighbors engages in spammy behavior, it may end up getting you blacklisted by numerous organizations. Furthermore, if you have a dedicated IP address, installing SSL certificate becomes a lot easier. To this end, you should know whether dedicated IP addresses are available and that you understand the cost before you buy a hosting plan.

5. Tech Support Availability

What if your site is hacked? It is crucial that you can react quickly.  The faster you can respond; the minimal is the effect on your users. In numerous cases, you will be able to help with your recovery efforts. That’s why it is crucial to understand how quickly the host’s support team responds, how can you get in touch with them and how effective their people are in providing a timely resolution. You should pick a host that provides immediate phone support as and when needed round the clock over the email, chat, and phone as well.

6. Back-Ups

In case of a security incident, back-ups are crucial. You should have the ability to restore your site to ‘working’ condition. You should select a host that backs your site daily and retains the back-up for 30-days.

In the End,

You should use these tips to choose the best WordPress web hosting. In this way, you can make sure that you are getting the best results!

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