6 Dental Blog Post Ideas to Get You Started

Dental Blog Post

As you may have heard having a blog can do wonders for your business – from increasing traffic to bringing new clients and so much more. If you don’t have one already, you should jump on the bandwagon as soon as possible! To help you get started here are 6 dental blog ideas that will get you leads:

1. Sharing Tips

One of the most beneficial and yet interesting topics you can write about is sharing some useful tips for your patients. It can be offering them 3, 5, or 20 tips on any number of things. These types of blog posts are beneficial because if you’re not around, your patients can easily go to your posts for some quick tips on common dental problems. This is another way to gain more exposure for your practice. Most of the time these types of blog posts get shared and posted on a daily. Here are some examples to get you started:

  • 5 Tips to Improve Your Smile
  • 7 Signs It May Mean You Need to See Your Dentist
  • 10 Signs You May Need a Root Canal

2. Educational Information

You can write topics on insightful and valuable information, this can be from your own or original findings and research or something you’ve read from a third party. If it’s a third-party analysis, you’ll add your thoughts to that and ask your readers’ opinion – an excellent way to increase engagement along with your blog.

3. Employee Bios

This is a perfect opportunity to let your patients get to know your staff. Make sure you include everyone in your work; dentist, receptionist, hygienist, dental assistant, etc. To make it more interesting and fun, have each employee write a small description of themselves with some fun facts such as where they grew up, went to school, what they enjoy doing in their free time – the possibilities are endless. Doing this – will allow your patients to get a feel for the team before they head into the office.

4. Oral Health Care

There is so much more to oral hygiene health than just brushing and flossing. While you only have a certain amount of time to inform your patients during an appointment, this could be a great opportunity to take to write about it. Some ideas you can talk about are hygiene trends, common dental ailments, and types of dental procedures.

5. Services You Offer

Another great blog post idea you can write about is the services you offer at your office. Your website might have it already listed but in this blog post you can break it down to about 5 or 7 common dental procedures and talk about each one in depth. Your patients will appreciate this post because it lets them get an idea and be prepared and at ease prior to treatment.

6. Patient Testimonials

Do you have happy and successful patient stories? To boost the hype and become more trustworthy, using patient testimonials or features on your blog would be an excellent way. If you have a patient who just completed a really successful treatment and they were really happy about it, consider asking them if you can feature them on your blog. Do this maybe once a month or once every few months – this is definitely a topic that would drive in more new clients.

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