5 Super Tips for Purchasing Your First Affordable E-bike

Electric Bike Under 500

Electrical bikes can improve the way you commute. It makes your travel better, easier and economical. E-bikes also allow you enjoy the outdoors better than any other means of transport. In a nutshell, e-bikes have some great advantages over traditional bicycles including cost efficiency, health benefits, and smooth ride.

However, if it is your first e-bike, you may find difficulty in choosing one. Here are some tips to find the right e-bike in your budget.

Decide a budget

From affordable to expensive, e-bikes come in a vast range of price. So, decide your budget first. For example, you are looking for an electric bike under 500, stick to your budget. If you want to purchase the most reasonable priced e-bike, you can consider converting your ordinary bike to an e-bike with e-bike conversion kit.

Consider your needs

It is important to consider your need first because you have to pay for every feature that comes with e-bikes. E-bikes are available in a wide range, designed for different purpose and people. Decide what is most important to you as there is no point in paying for what you don’t even need. For example, if comfort is your key, then look for good frames. If the purpose of your e-bike purchase is hill climbing, you need to invest in a hub motor over 250 watts. If you love riding long distance, then you need a large battery of over 400-watt-hours. Understanding and deciding your personal needs will narrow down your search and budget.


Whether you purchase an electric bike under 500 or over 5000, the warranty will allow you to rest assured that your investment is worth it. Make sure that you are receiving a two-year warranty on parts, motor, and battery.

Choose retailer wisely

When purchasing an electric bike, you should be as careful as buying any other product. Judge the place of purchase on three points – quality, commitment, and vibe. Quality refers to the quality of bikes your retail is offering. Does s/he offer branded names you usually find while researching or there are bikes which are hard to come by on? Make sure that the retailer is in the business for the right reasons. Commitment refers to the enthusiasm of the retailer regarding electric bikes. The vibe is the feeling you get when you enter the shop. Are staffs friendly, helpful and knowledgeable?

Good service

Quality of electric bikes is essential, but service is equally important as they are transportation. It becomes all the more important if you plan to ride for long trails. Though it is not very difficult to judge bicycle component by looking over the listing of parts; batteries and motors can make it a bit difficult to decide. When in doubt, search for motor and battery brands. You don’t need to stick to a particular brand as it won’t make a difference if your e-bike is set up and tuned correctly. Always remember that your local bike dealer is your best ally in maintaining the parts you have invested in.

Consider these points, and you are ready to ride your new e-bike.

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