5 Super Tips for New Team Leaders to Manage Team Effectively

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A key to achieving success is to assemble a strong and stable management team. – Vivek Wadhwa

The role and task of a manager is not easy. The beginning of the career of an employee starts with working in silos, while the duty of a team leader is to inspire, lead and motivate his/her team to accomplish the desired goals for an organization and help team members grow in their professions.

Here are some tips for managers to effectively manage their teams.

Build effective communication system

An effective communication system is the first requirement to keep every team member aware of ongoing projects, tasks allocated to everyone, deadlines that need to be achieved. A transparent, two-way and instant communication system can be established through a dedicated team management app like Flock, which helps teams collaborate, stay updated, and function in a highly connected environment.

Hire the right people

Skill gaps may cause the entire team to suffer when roles are not filled correctly. Evaluating each member properly and assessing whether the role suits the employee is the second most important task in the direction of effective team management. Do not hesitate to make changes in early hiring process if you feel that a potential employee is more suited to the position. It will guarantee that you do not end up hiring a wrong person.

Employ individual strength

Every member is blessed with a different set of skills in a group. It is a manger’s task to employ every persons expertise to the best benefit for the entire team. Think of the unique abilities of every team member and adjust them to individual roles as you work on a project.


Being a team leader, it is your task to provide feedback whether it is positive or negative. However, it is all the more important to acknowledge and appreciate good work of a team member. It helps to build confidence among the team and encourage them to keep the same pace in the future. It is vital to mention the efforts and achievements of the teamwork.

Promote sharing

As mentioned earlier, a team is made up of different members with a different set of skills. Some may be shy about not contributing their ideas. It is a manager’s task to motivate them to speak up. They may not be comfortable with public speaking, but a team needs to hear from everyone. This is where your team management app can help again. Use it for group discussions, knowledge sharing and brainstorming.

In a nutshell, a good manager knows how to motivate a team for maximum productivity even on a tight deadline.

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