5 Questions to Ask From Your Translation Company

Arabic Translation Companies

If you are thinking that finding the best translation company is easy, then think again.  Simply search for Arabic translation companies, and you will find many but how can you be sure of any provider? Is the company a start-up or has it been in existence for the past many years?  How experienced are the translators? These concerns are always going to haunt you if you don’t have much idea about how to choose a translation vendor. In such situations it is better to ask questions and here are some which can help you find the right answers:

1.  Are you an Accredited Company?

You need to be assured that if the translation company that you intend to hire is a member of “Association of Translation Companies” or “Institute of Translation and Interpreting.” If it is, then you will surely receive a good service. In every country, there is a certifying body that certifies the companies for their work. Such translation industry lay down stringent requirements for membership which ensures that their members are following best quality control procedures.

2. What If You Suffer Losses Due To Wrong Translation?

When you are giving critical work to the translation agency, you will want the peace that you will be covered if something unexpected occurs. Accuracy is of great importance in translation, and a small error may lead to high legal costs or damages. It is where the professional indemnity insurance helps. If the translation company is insured, it will provide the much-needed cover against any eventuality. It is crucial to ensure that the insurance is in proportion to the value of the work.

3. For How Long Have You Been In Business?

This question is obvious. If you are a translation company which has been in business for long, then you can rest assured that the procedures of the company will be well established. And for them, yours will be another project.

4. Do You Hire Native Users Of Language?

If the company that you are speaking to is certified, then the chances are that it will have native users of the language in his team.  It is crucial if you want to remain assured that the local language nuances are well taken care of.

Which all Customers Have You Served?

Customer testimonials are an easy way to gauge whether the translation company you are using is right for you. Most companies have a testimonial page on their website which often contains all the needed information. There is no harm in asking detailed information about the customers that are similar to you. You can also ask for the number of the words that they have translated and who their key customers are. If the translation company that you are looking for has delivered the result to your industry peer, it will surely help you.


When you find answers to these questions to prospective Arabic translation companies, you will find the best one for the job!

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