5 Must-Have Features in Your Business Chat Apps: Look Before You Install

Business chat apps

The technology is transforming so is the way we run our businesses. Today, our mobile devices have formed a new world of communication systems that almost go unnoticed. Entrepreneurs are keenly discovering smarter ways to operate more efficiently and sidelining issues that are considered to plague performance.

In this scenario, business chat apps have a vital role to play. With them, it is easier to manage customer relationships, track real-time insights, or communicate with employees. They have, in fact, become emerging tools that allow clearer communication between teams and a streamlined exchange of data.

One of the most important decisions startup founders face today is selecting the right business chat app. Consequently, the average small business is integrating a wide range of cloud-based apps to address complex business needs.

In this article, we are going to highlight some basic features you should consider when a chat app for your business.

1. Group Chat

Can you create a group? Can you discuss your projects, share details or ideas to a group? Can you bring your work team together not just during the business hour, but anytime you wish? Answer these questions before choosing a business chat app. The app should allow you to start a group discussion around your projects, department or common interests.

2. Virtual Meeting

As a business owner, it won’t be possible to be present at every meeting. The app must have the feature to conduct a virtual meeting with video and audio calls. It should allow you to collaborate with working teams over video or audio calls.

3. Files Sharing

Files and information – there are the two important things you need to share very often. So, when purchasing an app for your business, make sure the app comes with this feature. It should enable you to share heavy files to an individual or a group fast and easily. It should also allow you to find anything related to your projects- messages, files and links irrespective of who shared it or when.

4. Business Collaboration Tools

Pick a chat app that comes with powerful suite of business collaboration tools such as polls, shared to-dos, rich note sharing, reminders and many more. Make sure the app enables you to share your screen to the group or individual you want.

5. Apps Integration

There are some business chat apps that integrate all external apps. With this feature, you can find your favorite apps in its app store. So you won’t need to switch between multiple collaboration tools to get your work done.


Business chat is revolutionary in many ways. One very clear facet is that it completely boycotts the middle parties. You can directly communicate with your working team and share any files or get project detail right the moment you need. There are hundreds of free or low cost business chat apps in market. But, before choosing anyone of them, consider the aforesaid features that will become the front end system to the business chat.

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